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Antonio Rubio | Lead Activity Guide

Rubio has a passion for being on the water - be it on a paddleboard, sea kayak or onboard MS Maud.

Kayaking his way around the world

Rubio first heard about Hurtigruten whilst running a kayak center. He would see the expedition ships come past and dreamt of taking his kayak onboard and travelling the world. In the months following, Rubio asked his friends about any upcoming opportunities to join the crew, and in 2022 he made it onboard MS Maud as one of the newest members of the Expedition Team.

Apart from the size, there isn't much difference between MS Maud and Rubio's Kayak. They both allow him to go off the beaten track, experience intimate moments with the local wildlife and share this passion with guests. Since being onboard, his favourite place to kayak has been St Kilda, as this is a truly unique and iconic place to paddle alongside the cliffs, amongst its rich wildlife. Not content with the waters of the West of Scotland, Rubio now has his sights set on paddling amongst the ice flows and penguins in Antarctica.

With many years of experience under his belt, there isn't much that Rubio hasn't seen or experienced, either personally or whilst out leading various activities. Picking up a few tricks here and there, his experience of the water and kayaking helps guests relax and enjoy this unique activity in some breathtaking locations. For the ultimate trick - ask him to roll the kayak!

Top tip | Layers, Layers, Layers!

When it comes to kayaking, paddleboarding or any other outdoor sport there is only one golden bit of advice Rubio has and that is layers - several thinner layers will keep you warmer than a thicker jumper or fleece. Also remember to fill up your Hurtigruten water bottle before you take to the water.

Dream destination | Antarctica

There are still many places on Rubio's bucket list where he wants to take to the water in his kayak. Currently at the top is Antarctica - it would bring together his love of the sport to a new frozen level and hopefully the chance to paddle alongside penguins.

Favourite destination | St Kilda

Rubio has explored many iconic and beautiful places from his kayak, but his favourite place has been St Kilda, off the West Coast of Scotland. It's such an iconic and unique place steeped in history and wildlife, its rugged coast makes for some exciting paddling.

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Penguins perched on the ice of Cuverville Island, Antarctica. Credit: Espen Mills / HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

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