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Ariel Valencia | Restaurant Manager

From serving world-class food onboard to championing sustainability, Ariel is as dedicated to the planet as he is to his role.

Tasting his way around the world

Since joining Hurtigruten in 2016 - Restaurant Manager Ariel Valencia has been a dedicated and consistent member of the Food and Beverage team. Having spent 6 years progressing through the ranks to become Restaurant Manager in 2022, Ariel has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the food we serve onboard and the attention to detail needed to ensure our guests have a relaxed dining experience.

Each day Ariel wakes at 0630 to start planning for the day ahead, working alongside our Executive Head Chef and his team to ensure the menu is ready across all three restaurants. Covering from breakfast until dinner, Ariel has developed quite the stamina to ensure he goes through the day - luckily with such a strong team around him, he is able to take breaks in between mealtimes.

Having been part of the Hurtigruten family for a number of years, Ariel has been able to explore the world, seeing some of the awe-inspiring locations few get to see. Traveling to some of these beautiful and unique ports has given Ariel an appreciation for both protecting and preserving the places we visit but also the world as a whole. As a Restaurant Manager, he takes pride in championing ways in which Aune, Friedheim, and Lindstrøm can reduce food waste and operate more sustainably.

Favourite food

Being the Restaurant Manager on MS Maud, Ariel is able to enjoy a wide variety of food prepared in the galley. However, his favourite is the Duck Leg Confit - the meat is always really tender and whole meal is just so tasty.

Top tip for seasickness

Being responsible for the restaurants, Ariel needs to not be impacted by seasickness to ensure all guests can enjoy their food. His top tip for handling seasickness is by having a salty biscuit or apple before the water gets rough but he has no shame in taking a tablet if needed.

Best bit of his job?

Like many of the crew onboard MS Maud, Ariel loves being able to interact with the guests as they come in. From listening to their experiences from that day's exploring, to ensuring any and all catering requirements are taken care of, this is one of the best parts of his job.

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