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Discovering the real village of Huatulco and visiting a farming village with its coffee, cocoa and citris plantation. Orignal chocolate, coffee and different flavor tostadas tasting. Local brunch.
  • Visit Santa Maria Huatulco, capital of the municipality.

  • Visit a real farming village, meeting few farmers activities.

  • Hiking through cocoa, coffee and citrus plantation with chocolate, coffee and tostadas tasting.

  • Real local snacks with hand made tortillas, tostadas and all local ingredients.

We visit the village of Huatulco, founded the 8th of January 1539. On the main square by the 18th century church your guide will teach you part the local history to help you to understand the traditions and culture. 

Our next step is at the little village of Benito Juarez where they grow three varieties of coffee and Cocoa. First we learn how to make tostadas (dry tortillas) assorted with flavors like coconuts, carrot, cocoa, nopal, oat. Hot chocolate and wood oven bread are ready for you. During the XVI century the port of Guatulco (where is docking the cruise ship) use to be an important exporter of cocoa to Spain and South America Spanish colonies like Lima (Peru). 

We start a ten minutes hike along a clear water stream to arrive at a cocoa plantation, where you will discover the cocoa pod and that its beans are also a remarkable medicine plant to control the blood pressure. Following the path, take pictures of the red “torch flowers” and pine trees until arriving at the coffee trees.  

Now it is time to have a rest watching how they process, wash, toast and grind the coffee following the old hand made traditions, it is now the moment to enjoy your cup of local natural coffee. On the way back we will pass by different citric plantations, like orange, lime, lemon, soursop, mandarin and mamey. 

We finish this knowledgeable day with a brunch with “sopes”, chorizo, Tasajo (beefsteak), fruit juice, coffee, and chocolate.  

Your air-conditioned transportation is now ready to travel back to the pier.

Practical information

  • Language: English and Spanish.

  • Included: Yes, water, Chocolate, coffee, juice at the Farms. 

  • Remarks/requirements: Appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes, back pack, hat, sun glasses and insect repellent. 

  • Walking information: Approx 1.5 km flat, some gentle up-hills, dirt trails, typical foot of mountain path. 

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.

Penguins perched on the ice of Cuverville Island, Antarctica. Credit: Espen Mills / HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

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