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Go with the global leader in expeditions to Antarctica

Nothing compares to an Antarctica expedition. For many, exploring this vast, frozen continent is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. To cross the Drake Passage and reach the last great frontier - a place where sun glints off pristine ice and wildlife reigns supreme - is truly life-changing. And that's why you'll want to do it with the experts. At HX, we've been exploring Antarctica for over 20 years, and we do so in a sustainable style, with a world-leading science programme that actively helps the fragile ecosystems we explore.

20 years and counting

  • We've been exploring the White Continent expedition-style for over 20 years, so for the best cruises to Antarctica choose HX.

  • Explore Antarctica on our small, well-equipped, hybrid expedition ships, where safety and sustainability come first. PLUS with our Price Promise, if you find the same cabin available for a lower price after you've booked, let us know and we'll give you back the difference.

Meet the locals

  • The seas and shores around Antarctica teem with wildlife. See colonies of penguins, graceful whales and curious seals. On a trip to Antarctica, you'll marvel at pristine panoramas of snowy mountains, wind-sculpted icebergs and mighty glaciers.

  • The krill-rich waters around the White Continent support abundant wildlife: from humpback whales and fur seals to albatrosses and penguins. An estimated population of 12 million penguins of several species call the Antarctic Peninsula home.

Exploring Antarctica

  • An all-inclusive cruise to Antarctica with HX means entering explorer mode. You’ll join our experienced Expedition Team in small launches as we go on shore landings and seek out wildlife.

  • Other activities include kayaking, snowshoeing, camping, and perhaps even a polar plunge if you want to experience a pure Antarctic rush!

  • We go beyond Antarctica, with South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Patagonia and more included on many of our voyages.

A symphony of ice and sky

Experience the tranquillity of vast panoramas and sail among the sublime frozen icescapes of Antarctica, as we pass between icebergs, close to calving glaciers, and past huge ice floes in the Southern Ocean.

Antarctica Neko Harbour HGR 166590 Photo Yuri Matisse Choufour

Adventure is All-Inclusive

An HX trip includes everything from daily excursions and activities to our onboard Science Centre, meals, gratuities, drinks and more. ​ All designed to give you the expedition experience of a lifetime.

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Active exploration

On an HX expedition cruise to Antarctica, you’ll be an explorer not a passenger. Cross the Drake Passage and explore expedition-style as we seek out remote landing sites for nature encounters.

Activities in Antarctica

On your all-inclusive trip to Antarctica you'll get closer to the Seventh Continent than you ever dreamed. Experience the magic as you step off your expedition boat and feel the crunch of snow beneath your boots. Guided by your Expedition Team, you'll be able to paddle through icestrewn waters, photograph penguins and whales guided by our expert photographer, hike across pristine landscapes wearing snowshoes, and perhaps take a polar plunge if you're feeling brave. For a lucky few, camping in tents overnight is the ultimate Antarctic experience.


When the conditions are right, there's no better way to cross the frozen terrain than by wearing snowshoes. Our modern equipment makes it easy to walk on the soft snow, and the elements are usually best during our late spring and early summer Antarctica cruises.


Hear the beautiful 'symphony of the ice' as you glide silently past nature's frozen works of art in a sea kayak. Designed for close-up polar exploration, there's no better way to encounter the wildlife of Antarica and to enjoy its soul-stirring scenery.

Camping | Amundsen Night

Spend a magical night camping in a tent on the shore in Antarctica. In the style of the early explorers, we use our specialised equipment to spend the night under the stars for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. As you might expect, camping is a popular activity and numbers are limited. Who gets to go usually has to be decided by a lottery system. Feeling lucky?

* Please note that these are optional activities; an additional cost may apply.

Wildlife on ice

Even in the extreme environment of Antarctica, life not only survives but thrives. Its icy seas, isolated icebergs and snow-driven deserts are home to wildlife that surprises and charms.

Wildlife in Antarctica

Nowhere on Earth feels as remote as Antarctica, yet the wildlife here is abundant and spectacular. The icy shores are a haven for millions of penguins, as well as seals and seabirds, while the deep blue waters support a huge population of whales. Your Expedition Team will help you spot and photograph iconic animals, and there will be lectures on ornithology and natural history from our wildlife experts. In the Science Centre you'll learn more, and perhaps even help out with wildlife conservation through out Citizen Science projects.

Where science and learning meet nature

Science is at the core of our voyage into the heart of the natural world in Antarctica. Learn about geology, climatology and ornitholgy, and collect samples and take part in experiments with our onboard scientific experts.

Your Antarctica Expedition Team

You're in the best hands with your onboard Expedition Team. Handpicked experts from a range of backgrounds, you'll soon discover their passion and energy for Antarctica is infectious. They'll lead you on adventures off the ship, deliver fascinating lectures, unlock nature's wonders in the Science Centre, and perhaps even entertain you along the way. On your cruise to Antarctica, the Expedition Team will be your companions in adventure.

Expedition Ships | The perfect balance

Our state-of-the-art expedition vessels feature hybrid propulsion technology, ice-class hulls and advanced onboard waste-reduction systems. Large enough to offer excellent stability and a spacious onboard experience, yet small enough to get off the beaten track, you'll discover that HX ships are the perfect balance for the ultimate Antarctic adventure.

Make a difference

Support the scientific community in collecting valuable data on Antarctica that contributes to global research by participating in our Citizen Science Programme.

Penguins perched on the ice of Cuverville Island, Antarctica. Credit: Espen Mills / HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

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