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Lauren Peach | ORCA Specialist

With a passion for travel and wildlife, Lauren is in the perfect place onboard MS Maud, sharing her knowledge and love for whales and dolphins.

Having a whale of a time

Like most who join Hurtigruten and our world-leading Expedition Team, Lauren has a passion for travel, exploration, and the Blue Planet. With a background in marine science and conservation, she has spent a number of years travelling around the world documenting the sightings and behaviours of Cetaceans (whales and dolphins). More recently she has been working for ORCA, a whale and dolphin conservation charity and one of the partners within our onboard science programme. As the Orca representative on MS Maud, she is responsible for recording any and all marine life sightings or enthusing our guests about cetaceans through lectures and workshops.

If you are an early riser, you will often find Lauren out on the deck with her binoculars scanning the sea for any wildlife. It is whilst on wildlife watch that she gets to enjoy one of the best parts of her job – when guests occasionally mistake a log or buoy for a dolphin or seal. This is an experience Lauren knows all too well and enjoys sharing her own false sightings with people.

Being able to share these sightings and experiences with our guests is one of Lauren’s favourite parts of her job. One of her most memorable sightings came on MS Maud when she was sailing up the Norwegian coastline. After spending the day at the North Cape, they left Honningsvåg to continue sailing but were met by 10 Finn Whales who came to get a closer look at MS Maud. Following our whale sighting protocol, the captain stopped the ship and Lauren was able to share the news with guests and enjoy this sighting to top off a memorable day in Northern Norway.

Favourite activity | Cultural trips

Whilst marine life may be her first passion, Lauren loves stepping away from MS Maud and exploring the local history of the various ports. This opportunity often allows her to discover or experience something truly unexpected, helping to build a bigger picture of life in some of these remote and beautiful locations.

FAQ | Best time of day for wildlife

As a specialist in all things whales, dolphins, and marine life, Lauren is often asked a wide range of questions from what do they like to eat? Or how far do they migrate? However, her most asked question is 'What is the best time of day to spot whales and dolphins?' and the answer is simple - all day! Her advice is to keep a watchful eye as you move around the ship as you never know what you might spot.

Best bit | Expedition Team

For Lauren, being a part of the Expedition team and crew of MS Maud is like a second family. There is a real sense of community that is shared amongst all those who work onboard and something that the guests really feel as soon as they step onboard.

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Penguins perched on the ice of Cuverville Island, Antarctica. Credit: Espen Mills / HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

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